Do you think jazz guitar is confusing? Do you want to learn but just don’t have a clue where to start?

Have you asked a music teacher for tips on how to solo over a jazz tune and gotten a list of 13 scales to use at different points throughout a song?

Have you ever bought a chord book just to be drown by 10 000 chords?

Want to learn a jazz melody but don’t read music?

funny-question-mark-clip-art-question_marksIf the answer to these questions is yes, then we at Jazz-Hack are here to help.

Here’s why you should keep reading:

Like so many of us, you might be able to rip on a blues solo but feel completely lost in jazz. Guess what? There is a way to apply what you already know from blues and rock to any jazz standard. A great blues solo can be pentatonic based, with a changed note here or there to bring out the sound of a chord. Jazz works the same way, only that you use the major scale.

Have you ever tried to learn chords for a jazz tune but gotten lost in chord diagrams? Just trying to learn the new chords is hard enough, but trying to remember them when you are playing through the tune can be overwhelming at first. Jazz-Hack will show you how you can play rhythm and comping chords over any jazz standard with variations of just two chord shapes. If you can play cowboy chords, then Jazz-Hack can show you how to play jazz guitar harmony all over the guitar neck in weeks not years.

In a nutshell

This hack will show you how to improvise, play complex jazz chords and show you how to play the melodies of standard jazz repertoire in an organized, easy to digest system that will have you playing confidently over jazz standards in weeks not years.

Even a six-year-old can sound decent with jazz hack! See for yourself:


Solo explanation (Yes, it really is this easy)

To use this hack, you are going to think of one scale for the entire time you solo – the major scale. If you already know how to play the major scales, great. If not, don’t worry. It is the first thing we will show you. You will keep just this one scale in your head as you solo, while learning to adjust certain notes in the scale at certain times for chords that aren’t in the key.

I get it! Let me try out a solo!


Can you explain some more please?


I am ready to learn how to play jazz rhythm and comping chords with variations on just two chord shapes.

Learn to solo in weeks not years